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29th Serbian-Greek and Pan-Orthodox Friendship Day

After a two-year break, the twenty-ninth anniversary of Serbian-Greek and Pan-Orthodox friendship was celebrated in St. Archdeacon Stefan Serbian Orthodox Parish in Rooty Hill.

The full church hall showed how much both our parishioners and our Orthodox brothers missed this event. We could say that this is a holiday of brotherly love filled with mutual support and respect above all that has been celebrated in our parish for almost three decades.

The Day, as always, began with prayer, with the Divine Liturgy, in St. Stephen Church. After the Divine Liturgy Liturgy and a short break, a rich cultural and artistic program followed. In addition to the Serbian and Greek folklore groups, our Russian brothers presented themselves with their performance and rich repertoire. The program was led by Mr Dimitrios Kametopoulos in Greek and Mr Ilija Glišic in the Serbian language.

Due to the already planned commitments for September, many of the folklore groups who are usually our dear guests were not able to participate in this event. However, it gave room for visiting groups to perform more different dances, which in a way filled the gap and made the already existing program more diverse.

Being the 29th anniversary, this is in a way an introduction and announcement of the celebration of the great thirtieth anniversary of Serbian-Greek and all-Orthodox friendship. With God's help, we are looking forward to the upcoming event, we hope that we will manage to organize it better and celebrate it more joyfully.

For more photos please have look at our Facebook page through the link below.

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