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Church school Rastko

Our Church school works every Friday night from 6:30 pm except on School Holidays. For all additional information, you can contact Fr Aleksandar Ivanovic or our school coordinator Zarka Kacavenda.


The church school "Rastko" was founded in 1975 and since then it has been working successfully to educate our children in the spirit of the Orthodox faith.

Our church school has four classes: Scripture, Church and traditional singing, Serbian language and Folklore. All activities are designed so that the Church as a place of prayer and the prayer itself are at the centre of the happening, and the children participate independently in worship and the life of the Church in general. That's why every Friday we start with a Vespers service where the children answer and participate independently. The aim of this way of working is for children to learn from a young age about the importance of practising their faith, that is, about liturgical participation in the life of the Church. 

The main goal of our school's work is certainly the education of our children in the spirit of the Orthodox faith, however, in addition to the religious content, our school invests a lot of effort in preserving the Serbian language and traditions. For this purpose, in addition to regular classes during the school year, we organize and participate in various events where children have the opportunity to show their skills in the field of the Serbian language, folklore dances and traditional singing. 


And finally, when the lessons are finished, the children spend some time playing and having fun, for which our large church hall and secured church yard are especially suitable. After all, our school is not only a source of education and entertainment for children, but also for parents. After the evening service, in which we all participate, while the children are in classes, mothers prepare food for the children and spend time in pleasant conversations, and fathers very often play a game of basketball or gather around the fire, which has already become a tradition during the winter.


The work of our school is extremely important for our parishioners. It has not only been educating our children for decades and is a source of entertainment and social events, but first of all, provides young families with the experience of life in a church community, gathered around our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and then in a community that successfully works to preserve its cultural heritage and national identity.

We recommend enrollment of children five years of age and older.

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