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Church board 


Board President

Mr Goran Malic has successfully led our Board as a President since 2019. Previously he was a Building committee Board president and a board member for more than ten years. 

Tel: +61 401 545 973 |   Email: 

Board members

Mr Slobodan Tosich - Vice President

Mr Stanko Jovicevic - Secretary

Mr Bogdan Lazic - Treasurer

Mr Aleksandar Veljkovic - Building committee president

Mr Rado Kurtuma

Mr Radoslav Zurkic

Mr Svetislav Mirjanic

Mr Bosko Batar

Mr Dragan Zurkic

Mr Jovan Pajovic

Mr Radomir Vranesevic

Mr Bogdan Komatovic

Mr Milos Komatovic

Mr Slobodan Alavanja

Mr Sveto Rakic

Mrs Milica Lazic

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